Some Thoughts From Some Thoughtful Folks

I have had the great pleasure of getting the greatest of reviews from some folks we really respect, admire, love, etc!

Salvage Custom "I FREAKING LOVE THESE STRINGS! Honestly, they are glorious. DT

Earthquaker Devices "I tried to use the EXXXXXe Bxxl strings I used to use and it's not the same. I'm hooked, ha! i honestly can't believe what a difference your strings make, it's ridiculous!" JS

Strymon Engineering "I have been using the strings you made for us and I must say they are without a doubt the finest I have ever used. ihae actually played more in the last week than i have in along time.  Who thought that strings could inspire?  Best Strings Ever." DF

Nystrum Guitars, 2015 builds

Milkman Sound "They are amazing--have to say that I'm a convert!... Great Strings! I was in twang heaven last night! My lead tone was outrageous. Pedal steel players have a phrase: string separation. It applies here, too!" "I had a great gig with those strings. My Tele sounded more "Tele" than it ever has before. Your strings - my amp - and that Creston guitar is a *crazy* good rig!" TM

Ryan Ashley "Gabriel Tenorio, you have totally let me down!! your stupid string broke on me...after only 14 months! Screw you, man!!" RA

Scero Guitars "I mean sure, the strings are perfect, a joy to play, don't wanna use anything else ever... all i use on my customers' guitars now" LS

Walsh Guitars, Custom Builds 2014-2015

Emerson Custom, Custom set ups and builds 2014-2015

Wilborn Guitars "I would describe them as very rich and warm.  They really brought out some color and depth in my double top OM. None of the jangle of new 80/20 strings.  Very cool. Ilove the fact that they are made by a real person tending to each string.  They also produce a very steady tone-my strobe tuner reads them very well. Kudos to Guadalupe Custom Strings!" BW

Ayers Guitar Co., "The best guitar strings ever...hand made by one of the best dudes ever."  custom builds,

Porter Pickups "...strings are killer.  As someone who makes his living winding, I'd say he's a pretty good winder in his own right!" BP

Schuyler Dean Pickups "Excellent strings!" SD

Recycled Pedal Boards "I like to stay away from superlatives like, "best," "greatest," etc., because everything is subjective...but [Gabriel Tenorio String Co] Strings are right up there with my personal favorites...they might be at the top of the heap. Hand wound, in a little shop, making a living! These are the folks I like to give my money to."  CS