Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Steel Guitar
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The original PB*Round was designed by Guadalupe Custom Strings founder, Francisco Gonzalez.  I continue to make the formula for Phosphor Bronze 13 gauge strings today.  I built the rest of the line of acoustic from extensive testing and feedback from both players and luthiers. This line definitely builds on the classic punchy sound of the PB*Round string set while offering consistent tone and more durability without the use of any additives or coatings.  

For Resonators, I recommend 13 or 14 gauge PhosphorBronze, remember to opt for Tailpiece length strings which feature the stronger and tighter LongTwists.  

I personally love the result of Brass 12s on Taylor x14 sized guitars and Brass 13s on Gibson J45s.  

Now available in Nashville Tuning

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