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GT*Rounds Electric Guitar Strings
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Steel RoundCore, Nickeled Steel wrap. Handmade, custom wound for a better fit. I make a longer twist for all types of guitars, except of course top loading Tele style bridges.

Choose your gauge and let us know what type of guitar and bridge type you have. For example: do you play a telecaster? top loader or through the body? or bigsby?  This information is valuable in making the appropriate string lengths for your setup. 

Top Loading Tele is an option for guitars with Tele or half Tele type bridges where the strings enter through the ferrules at the rear of the bridge plate.

If you are using a Strat or Tele type guitar where the strings go through the body, use the Through Body option.

Tele, Strat, Jazzmaster style tend to have 25.5" scale length

Gibsons and Gretsch type guitars range from 24.5-24.75" scale lengths

Jaguar style guitars have a 24" scale length

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