The Telecaster is one of the most popular guitars and for a good reason. The guitar is as versatile as simple is its design. This guitar can have many voices and the right set of strings can help you find yours.

Nashville Style 10s

The signature string that started this whole thing. It is the first set I worked and used on my personal American Standard Tele for years. This set features a medium tension core and a balance across the strings that can make it feel lighter than its actual gauges. 10-13-17-25,5-35.5-44.5 Why 44.5? because the scale length of a Telecaster style guitar is 25.5" and that longer scale allow us to have a balanced feel, conserving twang, and punchy brightness.  Great for country picking styles and amazingly punchy for blues playing. Do how Creston Lea does and top load your tele from the ferrules behind the saddles....Classic!

Available for Through Body (Std Long Twist), Top Loading (Short Twist), and Bigsby (Trem Long Twist)


Many of us grew up getting sets of 10-46 because that is all that was offered. I found that it would be difficult to maintain that one schedule of basses would work equally on guitars with varying scale lengths. A Fender Tele/Strat scale length is typically .75" longer than a Gibson's, .85" longer than a Gretsch's, and a whopping 1.5" longer than a short scale guitar like the Fender Jaguar or Mustang (24"). I designed two distinct sets of 10s for this reason. 10s are the most used guitar gauges, so much that I used to just call them "Standard" because it pretty much is in the music market.

Can you use Super10s on a Tele? Of course! The 10-44.5 set (designed for my Tele) is the most comfortable feeling set I have played. But if a guitarist is looking to up the ante on tension/gauge, then the Super10's are a great idea. I try to offer players a way of incrementally increasing the tension on they're instruments. Also, some instruments are temperamental  and even though the dimensions are consistent, there may be other factors affecting tone or response. 

10s Heavy Bottom

I designed to conserve the spring and twang of the Nashville Style set but with some added girth. While just .001" away from a 11-49 low E, the 48 is its own monster with a distinct tone and feel. I personally use this on my Tele and think they're great on Jaguars also (especially considering 10s are really light for a 24" scale guitar...) This set kinda came around because I was finding that some guitars and some players weren't jiving with the 'typical' set formulations like 10-46. This of course being too light and 11-49 too hard, this was a no brainer. I used to offer this set with a .049 but the .048 is the more balanced and responsive choice to pair with the rest of the set.


Corrected basses matched for 11-14-18 schedule of trebles. This set begins to change the tone a small bit. from being a twangy crisp sounding guitar, this set starts to add more punch, especially in the neck pick up position. (if you have a heavy hand, I do suggest moving up to 11-50, remember diameter is more about comfort  and tone than volume!)


Our good friend Mason Stoops requested a set of 12s for his legendary Walsh Tele, I gave him a set I developed for semi hollow body guitars and this set became an instant favorite. Definitely for the strong of heart, but amazingly easy to play!

Strats and other 25.5" scale guitars

Strats share the same scale length as Telecasters and so the gauges I recommend for Tele's I also recommend for Strat (especially 11-49)

Just choose the Through Body option


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