Shipping and Production Notes Dec 2017

Dec 28 2017

*shipping glitch

Hola, everyone. So there was a slight glitch in the postage calculation this last week. Corrections have been made to those orders.

Dropping Priority Shipping

The issue has come up before as to why use Priority 2-3 day shipping from USPS if the strings don't arrive within that time frame? The strings are pretty much made to order and the cue can get weeks long. Priority Shipping provides faster service and free boxes, which means both customer and vendors benefit. However, it has caused one or two folks the inconvenience of expecting their order within a few days of ordering it. Therefore, It will be a basic rate calculation that will include a small shipping and handling surcharge.

Fulfillment Time/Lead Time

Due to the immense growth of the business on both retail and dealer/distribution fronts, fabrication times have grown, sometimes going much longer than anticipated. It is my intention to treat every client with equal respect and appreciation by following the cue in chronological order. However, i have had to make some adjustments to my production schedule to anticipate the most requested items. So I now am building stock of the most requested items one chunk of the week and smaller more detailed/custom orders during the evenings. This will help keep my dealers and my webstore stocked and lead times low.

Shipping Days

I ship twice a week: Monday and Thursday/Friday.

Yes they are long enough.

If you have purchased your first set of acoustic guitar strings from me recently, you may have noticed that the wraps do not reach the tuning posts, but the exposed cores do. Just install the strings like normal, using the cores to get 3 wraps around the tuning post. If you have any reservations please email me. Thanks